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Non-genuine Focal speakers sold in Australia

We recently had a customer who purchased some speakers online, hey they were too cheap to be true… here’s the extract of our communication back to him.

“yes that serial number checks out. This particular set of speakers was shipped by Focal to Dubai distributor who recently lost his agency for trans-shipping (shipping stock outside his sales territory). He didn’t pay his bill, so of course he was able to sell off his remaining stock cheaply.

Unfortunately for you, the warranties has been voided on all the stock that he sold to major online vendors in Australia. Focal warranty is not international, it applies only in the region to which the stock was originally shipped. Focal track every speaker set by serial number so they quickly tell if speakers have been through the grey market.

If something goes wrong and you need warranty, it’s up to the online vendors to resolve it. That’s the down side of buying grey market product. On the up side, they were cheap.

They’re good speakers so you shouldn’t have a problem, but if you do, don’t be afraid to go back to the online vendors and get them to sort it.”

Bill Leighton
Eastcoast Distributors Pty Ltd

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Just bought (or looking to buy) Focal products on-line? How can you be guaranteed they are the real deal?

Some look convincingly like the real thing, and the vendors vow and promise that these are genuine Focal speakers which come from the Focal factory. Do not buy Focal products on the internet. For example, the 165V1 currently advertised in Hong Kong on eBay for about $100 are definitely fakes. We purchased and tested a set, they look great and sound awful.

Imitation Focal speakers are being sold on-line and in some discount stores in Australia.

Even if you find a genuine set somewhere you will have no warranty because Focal warranty does not apply to speakers trans-shipped between countries. Australian dealers are listed on the Focal Dealers page of this website. They have been trained to provide advice and installation skills to support our products.Buy genuine, buy from an Australian dealer and get what you pay for.

Below is a gallery of images comparing genuine and imitation speakers. The packaging and general appearance is so close to the original that you would have to do a direct comparison with a genuine set to see the differences.

On the surface these speakers may appear to be the real deal, however there is a number of areas where cheap ‘fakes’ will fall short….. the biggest being sound but here is a few other ways to spot a fake.

Yes the fakes even have serial numbers, but they are often misaligned.

Poorly glued cones are visible from the underside.

Magnets are also poorly glued. Don’t get ripped off! You only get what you pay for and when you the best only buy products from respected local specialists.