Focal's FPS High Cap outboard capacitor module reinforces the power of your FPS amp exactly when — and where — it's needed most. This cap maintains high current flow to your amplifier, and smoothes out any power fluctuations caused by sudden musical demands, so you enjoy consistent, superb sound quality.

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FOCAL FPS High-Cap Description

While most car audio caps wire up to the amp’s power connections, Focal’s High Cap module plugs directly into your FPS amplifier to reinforce power where it counts — as close as possible to the amp’s output stage. Power transfers from cap to amp instantaneously, resulting in improved dynamic and transient response, especially in the low frequencies.

FOCAL FPS High-Cap Technical Specifications

  • optional plug-in capacitor module for Focal FPS amps
  • 13, 200 uF total capacitance
  • rated to 80 Volts and 85° C
  • 2 modules plug into FPS 2160, FPS 2300RX, and FPS 4160 amps
  • 1 module plugs into FPS 1500 mono amp
  • 2″W x 2-1/8″H x 5-3/4″D
  • 11″ cable with plug-in connector

Note: The FPS 2160, FPS 2300RX, and FPS 4160 amplifiers require two Focal High-Caps.

Compatibility: The Focal High-Cap is compatible with Focal FPS series amplifiers.

Product Download

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