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      Focal Internet sales policy…

      Focal-JMlab creates and distributes high-end speakers, loudspeakers and kits for the car. We take great care in the distribution of our products, our presentation, customer support, installation and after sale service are our number one priority. To make sure these high standards are kept we do not authorise the online sales of Focal products. Products sold on the Internet have been obtained from questionable sources that do not meet Focal JMlab’s quality standards. These products may be counterfeits. See our “Spotting a fake” article for more details. We inform you that the warranty, after sales service and the support of these internet-sourced products will only be covered by the seller, and not by Focal. If you intend to buy genuine Focal products with Australian warranty, we advise you to get in touch with your authorised dealer as they will offer you time, advice and support.

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