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You’ve finally got all your primary audio components installed and are now turning your attention to plumbing everything in. You’ve spent a fair amount of money purchasing high-quality equipment and you’ve then spent countless hours installing everything meticulously, therefore you’ll be looking to buy the cheapest RCA interconnects you can buy right?


To achieve the best sonic performance from your newly installed components you not only need to ensure it’s all installed correctly; you also need high-quality RCA interconnects to transmit your signal cleanly from your source unit to your processors and amplifiers. All the while rejecting any external ambient noise or artefacts.

Introducing Focal’s superb Elite range of RCA interconnects. Flagship cables constructed from the highest quality materials and designed for the purest levels of audio transmission; the Elite series RCA interconnects are ‘the’ go-to cables when you seek to take a no compromise approach to transferring your signal between components with the upmost clarity.

Design Features:

  • High-performance stereo cable for amplifiers.
  • Optimum connections designed to cancel parasitic interference.
  • 100% oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors.
  • Sheathed in a special “soft touch” jacket that offers extraordinary flexibility and resilience in the most austere of conditions.
  • Triple shielding for the reduction of external interference.
  • The metallurgic design is conducive to reducing dioxide formation, thus leading to optimum efficiency for higher frequencies.
  • The perfect technical complement for all Focal amplifiers.
  • Superior clamping action thanks to specially designed “cracked join / spring petal” sockets.
  • Gold plated for maximum current flow and resilience against corrosion.

Technical Specifications:

  • Conductor gauge 1.5mm2 : 0.12 x 10 x 2 + aluminium core + 0.12 x 64 strands
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