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Since 1979 Focal is one of the world leaders in manufacture of high-end acoustic loudspeakers.  Specialisation in the design and manufacture of carefully-crafted high-end drivers has always been the underlying strength of the company .

More than 34 years of innovation and research with an intense focus on quality in materials and manufacturing and performance has put Focal in a position to claim proud ownership of the Spirit of Sound motto.


PS165 WINS EISA AWARDPS 165 In-Car Speaker System

EISA Awards – European In-Car Speaker System 2011-2012 – Focal PS 165

The latest generation of Focal car speakers is more “demand pulled” than “technology pushed”. The new Performance series is aimed at the music lover wanting to combine outstanding manufacturing quality and exquisite sound with ease of installation and affordable price.

To achieve this, Focal combines the technologies that made this brand famous: Polyglass cone, inverted metal dome tweeter with wave-guide system, precision diecast chassis, and a carefully engineered versatile crossover. The way all parts are designed and engineered clearly shows that besides impressive engineering expertise the developers have lots of practical skills, which facilitates installation into a car.


Diablo Utopia Reference Bookshelf Speaker System

Focal is proud to announce that the Diablo Utopia has been awarded a Home Theater Review Best Of 2012 Award! The small speaker of the Utopia line has everything of a “Grand”!

Compact, distinguished, captivating, audiophile, Diablo Utopia is the ultimate vision of the reference bookshelf loudspeaker, in the purest Focal’s tradition. Largely inspired from the Grande Utopia EM, it sets new milestones in the bass thanks to its new patented 6-1/2″ (16.5cm) Power Flower, with almost no saturation, and a driver integrated resonator. Fixed on a dedicated stand, Diablo Utopia enchants the midrange and the treble with its definition, demonizes the bass with a density and a power handling never reached so far. Focal home speakers are distributed in Australia by Audio Marketing.


focal-spirit-headphones-australiaSpirit One Mobile, High-Fidelity Headphones

Focal’s Spirit One headphones have won the EISA Award – Best Mobile Headphone 2012 -2013

Focal Spirit One, the new sleek, upscale high-fidelity headphones. Snug, lightweight and perfectly mobile, they offer a signature and sound performance that are 100% Focal. Meet the highly accessorized Spirit One, the audio headphones for music lovers, complete with an iPhone/iPod/iPad remote control.


Focal professional speakers grace the studios of the worlds best recording producers, Focal home audio products have an unrivalled reputation for sonic excellence, Focal car audio products win multiple awards for innovation and sound quality, and Focal headphones and multimedia products are the latest innovations. The Focal company and the teams which support the brand around the world are focused on delivering to you the best sound quality achievable.

FOCAL Home & Professional