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There is a deluge of counterfeit Focal Car Audio products recently, distributed through agents in Malaysia and Singapore and sold in Australia online.
It would be wise to deal with dealers on the official FocalAustralia website and disregard claims by self-acclaimed ‘authorised Focal dealers’ or ‘genuine Focal dealers’.
Focal warranty does not apply to genuine items that are trans-shipped from the original importer country, and of course non-genuine items are not covered.
We cannot undertake serial number checking for products you may have bought online, if you take the risk we won’t be spending time verifying genuine or non-genuine. If it sounds too good to be true, as they say . . .
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Non-genuine Focal speakers sold in Australia

We recently had a customer who purchased some speakers online, hey they were too cheap to be true… here’s the extract of our communication back to him.

“yes that serial number checks out. This particular set of speakers was shipped by Focal to Dubai distributor who recently lost his agency for trans-shipping (shipping stock outside his sales territory). He didn’t pay his bill, so of course he was able to sell off his remaining stock cheaply.

Unfortunately for you, the warranties has been voided on all the stock that he sold to major online vendors in Australia. Focal warranty is not international, it applies only in the region to which the stock was originally shipped. Focal track every speaker set by serial number so they quickly tell if speakers have been through the grey market.

If something goes wrong and you need warranty, it’s up to the online vendors to resolve it. That’s the down side of buying grey market product. On the up side, they were cheap.

They’re good speakers so you shouldn’t have a problem, but if you do, don’t be afraid to go back to the online vendors and get them to sort it.”

Bill Leighton
Eastcoast Distributors Pty Ltd

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Wiring up your Focal ISS165

We’ve had some feedback on wiring up the Focal ISS165 and tend to agree it is a little confusing. But we are a French company so we don’t want to make it too easy for you!

I assembled a set of ISS165 and took some photos as below.

You’ll see there is one wire in the tweeter circuit that is not used, it is labelled Display. Tape that one up. It’s used when we wire these speakers on demo boards, it makes the tweeters a bit louder for a showroom environment. For in-car use where there are lots of reflective surfaces nearby (windows, windscreen etc) it’s better to have the tweeters run a bit quieter. So just ignore that extra wire, tape over it.

The tweeter and woofer outputs which I have twisted together in the photos go off to the amplifier or the deck if you don’t have an amp.