You’re very passionate about your beautiful, powerful car and it’s important for you to give it a strong personality. With their assertive, ultra-technical design, the Performance car audio kits will give your car a unique live touch.

The Best Car Amplifiers in Australia

Since 1979, Focal have continued to push the boundaries of audio design, maintaining our standing as the benchmark for high-fidelity sound. Our car amplifiers are custom designed, crafted and manufactured in France, with each design a culmination of the latest in technological innovations.

Imported direct from France, focal amplifiers deliver an exceptional sound that will instantly transform the audio experience of any vehicle. Complete your kit with the best car amplifiers in Australia.

Based in France, Focal’s research and development team are the world leaders in high-fidelity audio solutions. Our engineers hold countless patents for evolutionary loudspeaker design, applying expertise to create a signature range of amplifiers.

FDS 1.350


FPX 1.1000


FPX 4.800


FPX 4.400


FPX 5.1200


FDS 4.350