(( UTOPIA M ))

Quintessential sound in your car… With Utopia M, listening and driving take on a unique dimension, that cannot be described, only experienced.

Focal Utopia M Car Speakers

The future of sound is right here.

Handmade in France, the Focal Utopia M series instantly transports you to a world of peace and calm. With high-fidelity audio quality, our car speakers provide a depth of sound that enhances every second on the road. At Focal Australia, we believe that creativity is the only limit.

The Utopia M collection is an ‘a la carte’ concept, meaning that subwoofers, tweeters and grilles can all be purchased individually at your preference. Each speaker component features a culmination of our latest audio and technical design innovations. Focal Utopia car speakers represent our continued effort to expand the limits of sound quality to levels previously unseen.

Music and travel go hand in hand. From everyday work transit to weekend getaways, music is our first-class ticket to emotion, sensation and groove. Once installed, the Utopia M series enables you to experience songs like you’ve never heard them before – crisp, well-rounded, consistent and clear.





8 WM


6 WM


3.5 WM




Grille 8"


Grille 3.5"


Grille 6.5"