2-Way Coaxial Speaker Kit Upgrade


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Find the real pleasure of driving in music

Finally, try the Focal sound in your car by choosing the Focal Inside range! This improvement solution perfectly adapted to your Peugeot car. This 2-way coaxial kit integrates easily and quickly into the original slots without major modification. Go straight to the next level with powerful, sensitive and faithful acoustics.

Controlled design

From the Inside range, this kit allows you to find the true acoustic pleasure when listening to your favourite songs in each of your trips. Enjoy a meticulous construction and perfectly mastered and experience a sound dynamic and neutral, with excellent orientation of the sound scene.

This kit includes an inverted dome tweeter treated aluminium, Polyglass membrane with natural sound without colour, not to mention a butyl suspension with excellent durability.

French quality

For over 35 years, Focal is particularly known and recognised for its know-how and its manufacturing ‘Made in France’. All products benefit from Focal innovations and proprietary technologies developed by engineers in France. This philosophy gives lasting value to the Focal speakers: you will not find these technologies anywhere else.

The tradition of performance is the 100% Focal design. This is the best way to master all stages of design and quality control to deliver quality products.
*Not compatible if the car is already equipped with an existing HIFI optional equipment*


Please note some vehicles may have 165mm speakers in the rear and front, some even have additional tweeters (small speakers) fitted in the door/pillars of the vehicle. Please see the compatible vehicles below and check your vehicle’s speaker system before purchasing.

IC PSA 165 Features

  • Respect of the original Peugeot¬Æ connectors
  • Better precision in high frequencies
  • High-density rubber ring for acoustic sealing with the door panel

Taking the PEUGEOT kit to another level

Acoustic insulation (such as FOCAL BAM) can also be added to improve the sound of these speakers.

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