ISFORD690 2-Way Component Speaker Kit Upgrade


IS FORD 690 2-Way Component Kit

The IS FORD 690 2-way component kit is designed for all drivers who wish to install a quality sound solution in their vehicle.

The speaker drivers feature Polyglass technology, which delivers well defined midrange and bass, and the Aluminium inverted dome tweeter, a Focal technology that provides perfect treble reproduction. 

Installing this kit does not require any soldering, cable trimming or vehicle modification. The integration is also invisible.

This kit is designed for vehicles that have tweeter slots.

IS FORD 690 Features

  • Quick and easy install‚Ä¢ No modifications needed on the vehicle
  • Polyglass cone: natural sound without coloration
  • Butyl surround: excellent durability
  • Insulation foams provided: perfect sound reproduction, vibrations absorbed

Taking the IS FORD 690 kit to another level

Acoustic insulation (such as FOCAL BAM) can also be added to improve the sound of these speakers.

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