IS TOY 165

Toyota Speaker Kit Upgrade


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IS TOY 165 is a two-way component kit with a 6¬Ω” woofer and a tweeter enabling to equip factory locations up front and improving the musicality of numerous Toyota models. Excellent reliability, neutral sound and deep bass, compact and ergonomic, the IS TOY 165 kit has been designed respecting the factory connectors for a real facilitated integration.

IS TOY 165 Features

  • Respect of the original Toyota connectors
  • Better precision in high frequencies
  • Compact tweeter for better adaptation in factory location
  • High-density rubber ring for acoustic sealing with the door panel

This kit can be installed in the following car models:

  • Corolla
  • Yaris
  • Rav4

Taking the TOYOTA kit to another level

Acoustic insulation (such as FOCAL BAM) can also be added to improve the sound of these speakers.

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