ISVW180 2-WayComponent Kit



The IS VW 180 2-way component kit is designed for all drivers who want to replace their original audio system with a hi-fi quality sound solution.
The speaker drivers employ Polyglass technology, which delivers well-defined midrange and bass. The sound is natural and without coloration. The Aluminium inverted dome tweeter, a Focal technology, provides perfect treble reproduction in every direction. In addition, tweeter mounting foams and anti-vibration foams are included for a perfect set up.

Quick and easy to install, this kit is compatible with the latest Volkswagen models (Passat, Tiguan, Golf 8, etc.), and can also be installed in many Seat and Skoda models.

This kit is designed for vehicles that have tweeter slots.


  • Quick and easy install
    • Chassis-integrated spacer: perfect integration into the original locations
    • Vehicle dedicated connector: no welding and no cables to cut
    • Increased sound quality
    • No additional accessories required
    • Dedicated connectors improve the speaker drivers’ performance when paired with the Impulse 4.320 amplifier

Taking the VW kit to another level

Acoustic insulation (such as FOCAL BAM) can also be added to improve the sound of these speakers.

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