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Enhances the sound quality of any automotive loudspeaker installation by creating an Acoustic Barrier behind and around the speakers.



The purpose of this kit is to isolate the back-wave of each speaker from the front wave of the speaker, The sound from the back of a speaker is the exact opposite to the sound from the front If the front and rear sounds meet cancellation will take place and sound quality will decline noticeably.

  • Mark and drill the speaker mounting holes. NOTE: Make sure you do not use the speaker as a template while you are drilling. Metal filings from the drill will be attracted to the speaker magnets and cause problems as they work their way inside the speaker. Remove all drill swarf and filings with a vacuum cleaner or moist kitchen towel These metal particles will eventually rust inside the door or get into the speakers.
  • With a pencil or felt pen mark a small line radiating away from each of the drilled holes. The purpose will be evident when you go to tighten the speaker with the lnstalPro seals in place, it will make it easier to locate the holes.
  • Clean down the outer door skin behind the speaker with methylated spirits or wax and grease remover. Pass the 20cm x 20cm ‘egg-crate’ pad through the speaker hole, peel off the backing paper and secure it to the outer door skin directly behind the loudspeaker. If you want a superb job of soundproofing we recommend lining the outer and inner door skins with Focal BAM, a sound-absorbing butyl rubber sheeting. This will do three things: absorb sound, stop panel resonance and create a barrier to sound escaping through assorted small gaps in the inner door skin. The egg-crate pad will absorb a large proportion of the speaker back-wave, the area directly behind the speaker is where the greatest effect can be had. If you already have BAM or similar lining your doors, this pad will adhere to it.
  • Choose the correct seal ring for the speaker and stick it to the door skin. Screw the speaker in place, compressing the seal ring. That will make a perfect seal so that sound does not escape around the speaker frame, a common problem because car doors are not always perfectly flat surfaces.
  • Adhere the 25mm x 200mm thick foam ring around the speaker, When you restore the plastic door trim this will direct the sound through the grille in the door trim and stop sound from spilling sideways into the cavity between the speaker cone and the door trim.

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