We’ve had some feedback on wiring up the Focal ISS165 and tend to agree it is a little confusing. But we are a French company so we don’t want to make it too easy for you!

I assembled a set of ISS165 and took some photos as below.

You’ll see there is one wire in the tweeter circuit that is not used, it is labelled Display. Tape that one up. It’s used when we wire these speakers on demo boards, it makes the tweeters a bit louder for a showroom environment. For in-car use where there are lots of reflective surfaces nearby (windows, windscreen etc) it’s better to have the tweeters run a bit quieter. So just ignore that extra wire, tape over it.

The tweeter and woofer outputs which I have twisted together in the photos go off to the amplifier or the deck if you don’t have an amp.



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